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VIA Training Group Courses, Coaching & Consulting

We're in the growth business, and after training thousands of people in dozens of countries, we've found that success follows predictable paths.

However, even the most dedicated, competent individual, team or organization can find themselves in unpredictable situations without a clear vision to get back on track.

Vision in Action Training Group has been helping people, businesses and groups get their vision in action with the personal skills needed to overcome everything.


Courses & Seminars

Our popular training courses and engaging live and virtual seminars are always updated with fresh new content. Courses are announced as scheduled here on our website and via our newsletter. Please subscribe to stay informed.

↧ Discovery

Discovery is an experiential training that allows participants to reflect on the current landscape of every aspect of their life and fully participate on designing their future. Given that knowledge is best integrated by doing vs. knowing, VIA training uses an engaging process that incorporates intellectual, emotional, and physical elements.

Our comprehensive approach allows participants to see through fresh eyes and discover insights that are less general and more personal, and incorporate long-lasting changes.

↧ Emerge

Emerge is for those ready to challenge themselves further and take quantum leaps in all aspects of their life.

Emerge uses accelerated training to help you engage intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Emerge is an interpersonal experience where you will be challenged to stretch yourself beyond what you believe are your current limitations. You will have the opportunity to break through the limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the success you want and deserve, in both your personal and professional life.

As you succeed, you will discover that you are capable of more than you imagined possible. The underlying premise of Emerge is that you are most effective when you choose to be fully responsible for your actions and experiences.

Emerge is grounded in the principle that your experience of life is truly your own creation and that you have the power to respond effectively to all its circumstances. The result can be a lasting sense of certainty and self confidence which spills over into every area of your life.

↧ Engage

Engage is organized to support you in continuing to grow where it counts: your daily life.

Taking place over 60-90 days, Engage provides a structure for putting into practice the tools and techniques you have learned in Explore and Emerge. This provides time for new behaviors to become lifelong habits, and for the insights gained in the training to be transformed into real-life results.

Some of the tools and techniques you will be focusing on are:

• Committing to Your Priorities

• Communicating with Confidence

• Becoming a Skilled Listener

• Mastering Time Management

• Creating Win-Win scenarios

• Increasing Power & Power

↧ My Life By Design

My Life By Design is a 5-day personal expedition that provides the content and context for building a values based dynamic life plan. The My Life by Design course increases individual insight and awareness in an engaging experiential and informational way that touches deep emotions, reduces resistance to change, and provides a framework on which to design and achieve one's personal dreams and desires.

In the adventure that is My Life by Design, you create a template that affords you the opportunity to shape, massage, and orchestrate the life you desire through an approach that is individualized and unique to you. The course process consists of an individualized life design that utilizes a formal curriculum coupled with interactive classes and recreation, as well as, periods of reflective solitude.

Participants become aware of personal beliefs and life programs that may be holding them back from achieving what they believe they want, and gain the skills to move forward with confidence and commitment.

While other courses may deliver similar information, without an organized system and methodology for addressing awareness and insight, individuals languish in the realm of good intention, which rarely results in clear direction and forward movement in life. This is because simply "knowing" very rarely translates into "doing".

My Life By Design gives you that structure so you are not just energized, but also engaged, focused and confident that you are capable to achieving the life plan you design during the course. 

↧ Odyssey

Odyssey is a 6 month journey for graduates of other VIA Training courses, featuring an in depth exploration of the following three modules:

• Wealth & Abundance

• The Power of Intimacy

• Living by Design

Corporate Training

Our corporate training programs address a variety of needs for businesses and organizations and are custom designed around your organizational goals and needs, some of our courses include:

• POA: Power of Alignment

• LIA: Leaders in Action

• VIA: Vision in Action

• P3: Personalized Individual Consulting & Coaching

• C3: Coaching for Commitment Through Communication

We offer always free consultations to discuss your help you determine the most appropriate and effective program for your organization.

Community Programs

Supporting existing grants as a training provider developing custom curriculum to support non-profits for effective fund-raising solutions.

Community based interventions that support at risk populations as well as managing resources and training protocol for diverse populations and multi-dimensional challenges in government and local communities.

Consulting through collaborative value based and vision-centric contextual approach.

We help you implement your vision to action.

Contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Custom Coaching & Consulting

We are happy to help design curricula specific to your industry, niche, or specific personal, team or business needs. Please reach out and let us brainstorm the best way to implement your vision to action plan.

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    George Sousa has more than 30 years of experience and has trained thousands of individuals around the world.